Merino Wool Active Jersey


Merino Active Jersey

Nature’s Finest Performance Fabric

A softness you can sweat in

Our 100% Merino Active Jersey boasts a superfine 18.5 Micron Merino. Merino wool is an active fibre with a natural crimp which creates a lot of very small insulating air pockets—that’s how it helps keep you warm in cold conditions, and cool in hot conditions. It’s thermoregulating. And, unlike a lot of premium workout gear, merino wool’s complex chemical structure helps lock away unpleasant odors, which means your gear won’t hold its stench.

People are often confused when you suggest wearing wool...year round?

Yes, you can rock merino wool in the summer. In fact, you should. Our superfine merino is lightweight and highly breathable. It pulls moisture away from the body to keep you cooler and drier than synthetic fabrics, which get soggy like wet cotton socks.

But it's not just a summer thing.

If you’re wearing merino as a base layer for a chilly hike and start to sweat—it will pull the dampness away from your skin and keep you warm and dry.