Merino Tech Mesh

Ditch the Dri-Fit. Merino Tech Mesh is a
Merino wool blend that wicks sweat like never before.

Designed from the inside out!


There’s a super soft merino wool that pulls the sweat away from your skin, which helps keep you cool and dry on hot days and calm and warm on brisk ones.


The polyester on the face works in concert with the merino wool to wick moisture away.
Odor Resistant

Odor Resistant

Moisture Wicking

Moisture Wicking

Temperature Regulating

Temperature Regulating

We cooked up our Merino Tech Mesh because we were sick of gear that said it was moisture wicking but held water like a wet tube sock. Not to mention, most tech tees hold the stench of a hockey bag no matter how many times you wash it in white vinegar. Our 54% merino, 46% polyester blend is the answer. Think of it as an elevated take on Dri-Fit—the ideal tee for the weight room or balmy spring mornings under the sun. The 18.5 micron merino blend is feather light and the mesh gives the fabric superior breathability and airflow. Oh, and all that sweat and grime and sunscreen will rinse right out in the wash.

“Our goal was to match the tech of dri-fit athletic wear without sacrificing our classic look”

- David Wolfe, CEO

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Our merino is certified non-mulesed
by the australian wool testing authority

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