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Give $25, Get $25

The more you shop, the more you save.

Refer Friends and Save

In your account, you’ll find a referral link you can share with friends for $25 off their first Olivers purchase. Each friend you refer will net you a $25 reward (credits to be redeemed on orders $150+).

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Spend $200 within a calendar year and we'll send you a code for $20 OFF your next order of $200+


Spend $400 within a calendar year and we'll send you a code for $40 OFF your next order of $200+


Spend $1,000 within a calendar year and we'll send you a code for $100 OFF your next order of $200+

All you need to do is sign up for an account, and start spending! Each tier is based on the amount you spend at Olivers during the subsequent 12 months, and with each tier you reach you’ll receive an email with your newest reward.


What is the Olivers Club?

The Olivers Club is our rewards and referral program -- it gives you the opportunity to earn money back when shopping with us. After signing up, the money you spend in the subsequent 12 months will unlock store credit as you meet our Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers.

How do I earn money off my next order?

After you sign up for the Olivers Club, every order will count towards your tier in the program. As you meet each tier threshold, we’ll send you a store credit for that level to use on your next order.

What do the tiers mean?

The Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers are levels in our rewards program. Each tier has its own spend threshold that must be met with purchases in the subsequent 12 months in order to reach that tier and receive the corresponding credit.

What if I already have an Olivers account?

Customers with store accounts will automatically be entered into the rewards program. That said, previous purchases will not be counted.

Who is eligible for the Olivers Club?

The Olivers Club is open to everyone. Simply sign up and your future purchases will count towards rewards.

Does my discount ever disappear?

The store credit you earn as part of the Olivers Club will expire 12 months from the date of your last purchase.

Can my store credit be combined with other sales & discounts?

No, store credit earned in the Olivers Club can not be combined with other sales, promotions, and discounts.

How do I leave the Olivers Club?

If you would like to leave the Olivers Club, please email us at contact@oliversapparel.com and we will deactivate your account. Please note that deactivating your account will cause you to lose your accrued Olivers Club tier status. You may re-enroll in the program at any time; however, your tier will be reset.

What happens if my order is returned, refunded, or cancelled?

The dollars spent will be removed from your Olivers Club balance and will not count towards your tier status.

Where can I find more information on my rewards status?

You can log into your account in the top right hand corner, and select “My Rewards” or you can click the rewards logo in the bottom left hand corner to access your rewards panel.

I need help with my account!

No problem. Reach out to us at contact@oliversapparel.com with any questions, concerns, or feedback. We're more than happy to help.