Court Dynamic Nylon


Court Dynamic Nylon

A featherweight nylon that’s broken-in, but damn near indestructible

Softer than the nylon you know

Originally used for military tarps and parachutes, nylon has always been tough but not always comfortable to wear. In 1985, DuPont engineers created SUPPLEX, a nylon that retained its durability with a soft hand-feel closer to cotton. An ultra-tight weaving process gives our unique nylon a cool, crinkly finish on the surface.

Made for adventure

The nylon fibers are incredibly fine, making for a fabric that is both lightweight and incredibly flexible. Breathable and fast-drying, the material is anti-bacterial and resists odors, stains, and UV light. Meaning you can wear these repeatedly, across days or time zones, without ever worrying about looking (or smelling) badly.

Easy to wear, but hard to damage

Comfortable enough to lounge in, but strong enough to sweat in. This is a fabric that can get caught in an afternoon downpour and not get drenched, survive being scraped against a rock, and sit out in the sun but never fade in color.