All Over Stretch Weave Shorts & Joggers


All Over Stretch Weave

A modern-day answer to 70s-era nylon. Premium performance meets style.

A fabric tailored to move with you

Moisture management is key. 88% nylon, 12% spandex, and water repellant- our four-way stretch fabric is, well, everything you could want in gear you're wearing below the waist. The fabric pulls moisture away from your body - and the hydrophobic nature of the fabric wicks the moisture instead of absorbing it - unlike tratidional nylon blends - to keep you cool and fresh.

Designed to move with you

Whether you're out for a brisk trail run or swinging kettlebells, our versatile All Over Stretch Weave was designed with one thing in mind: Performance

A classic staple reimagined

Water repellent, moisture wicking, soft and light. All weather and all purpose.