Why You Want Merino Wool Activewear

Why You Want Merino Wool Activewear

The key to staying warm, dry and stink-free

We’ve called it “nature’s finest performance fabric” and “the original technical material” in the past, but we’ll say it again: we love merino wool. Practically every new advancement in activewear achieved by science is already available in this natural and adaptable fiber. Which makes it not only technically superior but also sustainable. What’s not to like? 

It really all comes down to the structure of the fibers. Merino wool consists of lots of small air pockets which allows it to insulate against the cold and also keep you cool. What’s more, the density of the fibers means that there’s a high warmth-to-weight ratio. This means a wool shirt will keep you significantly warmer than a synthetic shirt of the same weight - and allow you to feel less bogged down with bulky layers. This is what makes it perfect for any climate, from dark winter mornings to sunny spring afternoons.

You’re likely familiar with the sweat-wicking properties of our performance garments. That comes in handy because it prevents sweat from drenching your clothing and sitting on your skin. But merino has the unique ability to both absorb our sweat, while repelling outside moisture. That’s because the core of the wool fiber absorbs sweat but the micro-scales covering a merino fiber are naturally hydrophobic. This allows your wool activewear to feel dry and comfortable even in the morning mist or after a long, sweat-drenching workout.

Speaking of epic workouts, merino is one of the few fabrics that can prevent you from smelling like a locker room. This comes down to the natural lanolin embedded in the fibers, which not only is anti-microbial but prevents dirt and grime from getting lodged into the fabric. And since moisture gets released quickly from the fabric, sweat doesn’t stick around to start smelling rank.

You’ll have to feel the softness to believe it. That’s what we did when we developed our 100% merino active fabrics in two distinct weights. One is lighter—knit from a superfine 18.5 micron merino—which offers ultimate breathability and more stretch for our Convoy series. The other is a sturdier 20.5 micron merino—still just as soft and never itchy, irritating or prickly—but better suited for versatile, hardworking pieces like our Porter Hoodie. For us, merino is the fabric that consistently lives up to the hype. And we’re known for putting our pieces through the wringer when it comes to wear-testing.

Now it’s your turn.

* FYI: You don’t have to wash your merino wool gear after every wear. They’re that good at wicking away moisture and smells. Just hang them up to air out—which will likely extend the life of your activewear too.
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