What We’re Packing for Labor Day Weekend

What We’re Packing for Labor Day Weekend

First, the not so great news: Summer is wrapping up. But … it’s not over yet. Whether you're planning a chill day at the beach, a family get-away or simply an extra-long weekend to relax solo, you'll need to think about more than just what you're gonna wear. Use this last bit of season to relax and recharge both body and brain. Because September is gonna get busy—really busy—in short order. So, to help you out, we asked the Olivers team what they had planned for the holiday weekend and what they’re packing for the end-of-summer retreat. After all, you should look (and feel) your best for this last stress-free summer weekend, right?

David Wolfe, Founder

What I’m Doing: I’m laying low and staying in town. I’ve actually got a wedding the next weekend so I don’t have anything planned for Labor Day weekend. I’m actually looking forward to relaxing and seeing where the weekend takes me.

I’m Wearing: Passage Pant. When you don’t know where the day will lead, these are the pants you want to be wearing. Ready for anything and yet endlessly comfortable, they’re cut like your favorite jeans, but are lighter, more breathable and allow you to move without any restrictions. 

Shawn Kurnik, Marketing Lead

What I’m Doing: I will be going to the beach with my family. Planning a relaxing day from the morning through the evening, so we can watch the sunset and then have a nice bonfire.

I’m Wearing: City Oxford. I love this soft short sleeve shirt because it looks stylish but it makes for an easy and comfortable cover.

Evan Cincotta, Graphic Designer

What I’m Doing: I'll be up in the New York Finger Lakes for the long weekend. We'll be hanging out at a waterfront house on Cayuga Lake and then attending a wedding on Sunday.

I’m Wearing: All Over Shorts. I’ll definitely pack a couple AOS shorts for some lakeside runs. There are a few roads with tucked away lake houses nearby that I've got my eye on to explore while I run!

Cory Ohlendorf, Editorial Director

What I’m Doing: After a temporary relocation to Tokyo, I’m headed back to the U.S. to visit family in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m looking forward to the quiet, slow pace and ample nature of the midwest.

I’m Wearing: Channel Shorts. I’ll be doing everything from chores like mowing the lawn to adventures like cycling along an old rail line that’s been turned into a pretty epic bike trail. Plus, there will be some backyard barbecues and these shorts look sharp but also allow me to jump into the pool with no problems.

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