What Is CORDURA Fabric & Why Is It So Durable?

What Is CORDURA Fabric & Why Is It So Durable?

Many textiles come to mind when it comes to durability and strength. However, no material is quite as durable as CORDURA. Known for its intense resistance to wear and tear, CORDURA is used in industries across the globe. This textile is our first choice for apparel you can expect to keep up with you.

Having clothes that can keep up with your adventures and activities isn’t an option; it’s a requirement. That’s why we introduced CORDURA fabric into our collection. With military-grade durability, this fabric is the foundation for apparel optimized for performance. 

Read on and as we review this impressive textile.

Essential Information on the Essential Fabric

CORDURA fabric is most well known for its durability and resistance to wear. If you’re looking for fabric that can withstand everything you do, this textile can answer that call.

Let’s take a closer look at where CORDURA comes from and how it became one of the most durable textiles in the industry. 

Origins of CORDURA

This textile has a rich history. We first see this fabric pop up in 1929. DuPont created CORDURA fabric for military use in the Second World War.

Originally intended for use in vehicles, this fabric was sewn into the lining of military-grade tires to protect them from the harsh terrain. CORDURA effectively protected tires from puncture, wear and tear, and breaking in rugged combat environments. 

When the war ended, DuPont developed a Nylon material that replaced CORDURA for the time being. Eventually, DuPont found a way to combine Nylon and CORDURA to create a superior fabric for durability and weather resistance.

Today, CORDURA is woven with various types of Nylon, including Lycra. This adds to its durability and strength.

What Is CORDURA Used For? 

Today, this fabric is used for a wide range of items. CORDURA is a popular material for durable items, from weather gear like coats, rain jackets, and pants to products like backpacks, luggage, and tents. Shoppers who are considering any clothing, gear, or accessories for the outdoors, chances are that they’ll run into this fabric sooner rather than later. 

What Is CORDURA Nylon?

When exploring CORDURA, what it is, and what it’s used for, you’ll likely run into the term “CORDURA Nylon.” This is just another term for CORDURA as we know it today. After DuPont combined CORDURA and Nylon, the material has been referred to by both names, but each means the same thing. 

How is CORDURA combined with Nylon? 

In general, CORDURA is blended with other fabrics made of Nylon. You may also find thi fabric blended with cotton or other materials, depending on the product. Most CORDURA materials use Nylon 6.6, which is a type of Nylon that is stronger than its peers. 

CORDURA nylon blended fabrics are often described in deniers, a way to measure the weight of yarn. You may see this fabric listed at 1000D or 500D Nylon CORDURA, which simply means these weigh 1000 grams or 500 grams. 

Notable Qualities

Below are some of the reasons CORDURA is such a popular textile in today’s industry: 

Four-Way Stretch for Clothing That Moves With You

CORDURA is known for having superior four-way stretch abilities, especially when combined with Nylon. Four-way stretch is simply the property of a fabric to stretch in both directions widthwise, as well as both directions lengthwise. 

A four-way stretch can make a big difference in everyday tasks to extraordinary adventures. Imagine climbing a hill or walking up a stairwell in clothes that are stiff and immovable. You’ll have to focus on fighting against the fabric to move freely, which can hinder and slow you down. 

CORDURA is a premium performance material, meaning it supports freedom of movement in any direction. Whether you’re running, climbing, bending, or crawling, CORDURA moves with you. 

Water Resistant & Quick To Dry

Another advantage to CORDURA fabric is its water resistance. When you’re moving and active, your body is bound to produce sweat. In addition, if you're in rougher terrain, you can encounter rain and water. 

Other materials tend to slow you down when exposed to moisture. CORDURA helps wick moisture away from your body to keep you comfortable and dry no matter the weather conditions. 

In addition, this textile is quick to dry. Even if you do come into contact with water, CORDURA won’t stay wet for long. While wicking away moisture, it brings it to the surface so it can air out, breathe, and dry faster. 

Breathability: Freedom for Your Skin

Breathability is an important quality to look for in apparel. Whether you’re in a board meeting or on a mountain trail, being able to breathe allows for freedom for your skin. CORDURA, while durable and resilient, has a special woven design that allows for breathability. Don’t suffer in hot, stuffy clothing. Let your body breathe. 

Versatility for the Office or the Bike Trail

CORDURA is the perfect material for any apparel. Here at Olivers, we use CORDURA for clothing you can wear to the office or on the bike trail. Spend a day in the city or head to the beach in your favorite pair of CORDURA Nylon pants. There are endless possibilities and ways you can wear this fabric. 

Washing Instructions

Along with the above advantages of CORDURA fabric, there’s no shortage of reasons to invest in this durable, long-lasting material. For durable textiles that can withstand the elements, you may wonder if they can withstand the washer and dryer, too. What would a durable fabric be without the ability to wash them? 

This fabric is easy to throw in the wash.

  • Always use lukewarm to cool temperatures. While CORDURA can withstand the elements in nature, it’s essential not to use intense heat when washing. 

  • Next, consider what detergent you should use. Using a non-toxic option that’s sustainable is beneficial to your fabrics and the planet. Use gentle detergents. 

  • When it comes to drying these materials, try to avoid machine drying. Simply lay your fabric flat or hang them in order to dry.  

The Passage Stretch Weave

How do we do CORDURA? Our Stretch Passage Weave offers the benefits of CORDURA Nylon and Lycra fabric that’s battle-tested to withstand anything you throw at it. Enjoy your meetings at the office and your afternoon hike in the same pair of CORDURA pants. 

Let’s discuss how our Passage Pant is different from other durable materials. 

It’s time for something different. Regular denim just isn't cutting it anymore. Even moving away from denim, many athletic wear and performance apparel pieces don’t offer the durability you need. 

This is where the Passage Pant comes in handy. With superior durability, four-way stretch, and breathability your body will thank you for, these all-weather, all-purpose pants are the ultimate essential. 

Available in a range of colors, including Black, Dark Navy, Cinder, Dark Olive, Military Olive, Carbon, Navy, Brass, Ash Grey, Khaki, Olive, Dark Indigo, and Blue Steel, you can find a pair for every occasion.

Durability That Delivers

Don’t settle for pants that can’t keep up with the adventure you’re looking for. These military-grade pants are designed with performance in mind. At Olivers, we make gear for the modern man who won’t let rugged terrain or a crooked path take him down. No matter where you go, CORDURA is there every step of the way.


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