The Ultimate Layering Piece

The Ultimate Layering Piece

Why every guy needs a shirt jacket for Fall

It’s a modern wardrobe staple and an essential no man should be without. But it goes by many names: the overshirt, the “shacket” or the CPO shirt (a reference to the garment’s military past). You see, the British Army first constructed shirt jackets for their tropical-stationed soldiers who required light-weight items that would hold up to the weather.We simply call it a shirt jacket. Of course, call it what you will—just make sure you’ve got one on hand this season.

Ideal for transitional seasons and inclement weather, these heavy-duty, hard-wearing button-down hybrids are engineered to serve you just as well on 40-degree nights over a sweater as it does on 60-degree days over a T-shirt. Before you’re forced into heavier down and fleece options, the shirt jacket is the perfect piece of outerwear to throw on, hang up and recycle over and over again like a grocery tote.

Feel free to rock it with your favorite tee or hoodie on weekends, and with an oxford or sweater at the office or on a date. Depending on what you wear with it, the overall vibe of the garment changes. It can lean towards streetwear or workwear, it can look more ruggedly outdoorsy. That’s the charm of the shirt jacket - this do-it-all insulator is designed to make your life easier. Throw it on, stuff the pockets and run out the door.

It comes in two neutral shades, a cool petrol gray and a military olive drab. Take your pick. Oh, and during our R&D process, we confirmed the jacket also rolls up nicely, making it the perfect piece of travel outerwear. So pull it on, wear it until the harshest days of winter and then bring it back as soon as Spring returns. Because you’ll soon discover that the shirt jacket is hard to live without.

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