The Trainers You Should Be Following

The Trainers You Should Be Following

It’s like having a coach in your pocket

If you’re aiming to kick your fitness up a notch, you may want to make the investment in a personal trainer. They help plan out your exercises to maximize results and ensure that you utilize proper form - all while motivating and holding you accountable like any good coach would. That said, these days training IRL can be difficult. Instagram has proven itself as the place to go for expert guidance and motivation - it’s both free and socially distant. 

Top trainers from around the world - some of the same guys training athletes and action heroes - willingly provide entire workout regimens. Think of it as top-notch advice in exchange for a follow and a double tap. Pics and video, inspiration and meal plans, even a few fails to help you feel like you're not alone. It's all there, in the palm of your hand. Here are the ten you should be following.

Eric Leija

Getting bored with your routine? Eric Leija’s feed is full of untraditional exercises utilizing everything from dumbbells and clubs to resistance bands and kettlebells. His workouts will no doubt get you moving in entirely new ways.

Luis Weber

If you’re looking for HIIT and Tabata workouts that can be done in small spaces, look no further. Luis Weber is an Equinox trainer that films at-home videos from his bedroom. How intense are they? You’d better put down a mat and a towel - he lives up to his moniker: the sweaty coach.

Rhys Athayde

Rhys Athayde, founding trainer at the exclusive Dogpound gym, trains top models and musicians in both New York and Los Angeles. During the pandemic he’s flooded his feed with training tips and some energetic HIIT workouts that are designed to tone muscles.

Andy Speer

A notable Peloton Tread instructor, Andy Speer has built a following thanks in large part to his positivity. He’ll help you switch things up when your training feels a bit tired, and as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, he’ll have you perfecting your form in no time.

Gideon Akande

Gideon Akande is a former Golden Gloves champion boxer and regularly posts versatile training techniques that are effective, fun and high energy to keep you engaged. What’s more, nearly all of them require no special equipment.

Damon Bell

If you’re working out from home and think that your options are limited, scroll through Damon Bell’s feed. The celebrity trainer specializes in strength and conditioning to help you look and feel your best. There’s also some ab inspiration shots and puppy cameos.

Ron “Boss” Everline

You might know Everline as Kevin Hart’s trainer, but he’s carved his own niche on Instagram, delivering workout challenges for the home along with some serious motivation.

Nathan McCallum

For guys who lift, this stylish Aussie trainer-influencer-entrepreneur populates his feed with helpful tips, workout plans and plenty of good looking photos to keep your motivation revving. His stories are full of good vibes, cheeky humor and serious workout suggestions.

PJ Shirdan

Looking for boxing workouts and some fighter motivation? PJ Shirdan is a Los Angeles-based coach and former All American amateur boxer who works with professional boxers, UFC fighters and pro football athletes. He specializes in speed, agility, strength and balance. His feed is a combination of boxing-specific exercises and drills along with helpful nutritional info.

Shane Farmer

The founder of Dark Horse Rowing gym, Farmer is a coach and motivator to follow. Whether you’ve got an ergometer at home or are just interested in the benefits of indoor rowing - which include boosting your aerobic fitness, burning serious calories and strengthening your back and hamstrings - his feed includes workouts, guidance on proper form and recommendation on gear.

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