Out of Office: Life Hacks for the Digital Nomad

Out of Office: Life Hacks for the Digital Nomad

Digital nomadism is drawing Americans out of cubicles in search of adventure.

Experts at MarketWatch predict that 50% of the US workforce will be working remotely in the next few years. Whether you’re considering a career on the road or just want to stay on top of work without ruining your next vacation, there are certain challenges to address. Productivity troubles, time zone discrepancies, and distractions are just some of the remote work traps you’ll have to avoid. But don’t cancel your trip. All you need is a few tried-and-tested hacks and a bit of expert guidance to stay sane, healthy and productive.

Run a Gear Check

Picking out the right electronics, clothing, carry-ons and travel accessories could have a major impact on your comfort (and your finances). Invest in a carry-on travel bag like the AER Travel Pack 2 to save on checked baggage fees and stay organized. Packing cubes will have you thinking smarter about travel prep, while versatile clothing like the Passage Pant and 100% Merino Convoy Tee from Olivers allow you to pack less. Electronic accessories like durable hard drives, battery packs, and portable WiFi hotspots can help make sure you get and stay connected.

Nail Your Morning Routine

The key to staying productive when on the road is following a morning routine → whether that’s a morning run or yoga session, make sure you stick to it. Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning ritual is a popular go-to solution among digital nomads. It consists of six elements, so-called Life S.A.V.E.R.S.: silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing.

Stay on Top of Your Diet

Caffeine/L-Theanine and fish oil supplements may help control cravings and energy levels. If you need a boost, skip calorie-rich lattes for espresso or black coffee. Take it a step further with intermittent fasting and avoid eating for 16-18 hours a day. It’s a popular choice among digital nomads as it’s been shown to improve brain function.

Don't Skip Exercise

Exercising while traveling is a challenge. According to a Hilton Hotels & Resorts survey, 65% of travelers admit they regularly pack workout gear, but end up not using it. Beat the odds by choosing an easier-to-tackle body-weight workout, a short run, or spending leisure time actively exploring your destination. Alternatively, you can sign up and pre-pay for a local gym class. Investing in a plan can keep you accountable.

Batch Your Work

Work batching is an effective productivity hack that encourages you to group similar work together rather than trying your hand at multitasking. To give it a shot, arrange your work day such that your most important tasks are blocked around hours when your are your sharpest and most productive. Leave the easier/more mindless work such as responding to emails for hours when you tend to feel lower energy.

Tomas Laurinavicius is a lifestyle entrepreneur, designer, and writer from Lithuania. In the past ten months, he’s been to Budapest, Copenhagen, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and more.
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