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Long, unkempt blonde hair with an affinity for taking it easy and lighting up.

If you’re like some folks, you may have this stereotype of a California surfer. But Chase Wilson, pro surfer turned founder, wants to break that mold.

Drawing inspiration from style icons like Steve McQueen and the “Endless Summer” surfers of the 60’s (Mike Hynson and Robert August), Chase’s Byrd Hair brand launched in 2012. Byrd now offers over a dozen grooming solutions to members of their 'flock,' described by Chase as ”the on-the-go man who's confident in himself, takes his grooming seriously but likes to keep it fun and creative.”

Don't get it twisted though, there’s still a dose of laid back California style to go with the slick backs. The company’s offices, dubbed the Byrd’s Nest, are attached to an old school barbershop. The team makes sure anyone that needs a cut gets one. Past the front door, concrete floors lead to white brick walls surrounding an airy setup complete with brown leather furniture, a couple guitars, skateboards, and of course, surfboards.

And how does this newfound entrepreneurial identity sit with Chase Wilson? “Sometimes I miss the travel aspect, not being tied to the desk," Chase explains, "but there's a lot of people out there that would kill to be in my position. That's the attitude I wake up with every morning.“ The two disciplines, professional surfing and entrepreneurship, might seem worlds apart, but Chase argues, “my career as a surfer taught me how to focus, work hard, and want to win. I carry those traits with me every day.”

In addition to maintaining a work-life balance most guys can only dream of, Chase is staying focused on expanding “the daily essentials,” and staying “mindful of the dude who lives by work first, play later.” Outside of new hair and grooming products, be on the lookout for what Chase describes as a “seemingly endless array of lifestyle essentials." Plus, a new flagship barbershop in Newport Beach.

Look Slick with Byrd Hair.

Photography by Matthew Miller

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