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The Playbook

Attention to detail. Thoughtful design. And premium performance fabrics you won’t find anywhere else.

But it takes a village to deliver quality product, and OLIVERS has assembled a group of all stars—right here in Los Angeles.

“I was really drawn to being part of an ecosystem,” Founder David Wolfe says. “The concept of being able to see and touch everything was key. From the beginning, we wanted to both make great product and be intimately involved in the process. Downtown Los Angeles, like nowhere else in the country, enables that.”

It starts with the fabrics. The knits are all made using Australian Merino Wool, while the stretch wovens come from one of the finest performance mills in the world, based in Taiwan. It’s one of the few steps of the process that isn’t done here in Los Angeles. “Pretty much everything except for fabrics is coming out of LA,” Product Director Robbie Baines says. “Not many people manufacture locally, especially in the performance category. We’re closely involved with every step.”

Enter Art Rahbar. An apparel industry veteran, Rahbar founded his operation in 2001. “We wanted to bring back made in the USA in a different light,” he says. “We wanted to make really authentic, beautiful garments.” Art handles OLIVERS’ cutting and sewing and Rahbar raved about the fabrics.

“Their fabrics are fantastic,” he says. “Their fabrics are not easy to get - their knits are unlike anything else we sew.”

They’re so unique that Rahbar has to use a special needle imported from Germany to sew the garments. But Rahbar not only accepted that challenge—he loves it.

“Their fabrics are not easy to work with, but we love and enjoy that challenge,” he says. “That is what makes OLIVERS unique. A manufacturer wants to see a product they’re proud of, and we feel like we're part of the team.”

While Rahbar handles OLIVERS’ cutting and sewing, Marta Miller is tasked with everything related to product development. “I’m their think tank,” the owner of Lefty Production Co. says, laughing. “They come to me with a design and vision. Patternmaking, sample making, fittings, base size to properly fit them. We handle all of it”

Miller says she’s especially fond of the fit, which is unique in a landscape littered with gear that’s either too baggy or too short.

“Their fits are amazing,” she says. “We spend a lot of time dialing it in. A lot of people think a medium is going to translate perfectly to an extra large, and that's often not the case. We test this, which is a step a lot of brands skip. David is extremely detail oriented - he wants the proper tailoring on every size.”

And, like Rahbar, she’s obsessed with the fabrics. So much so that she wants in on OLIVERS’ secret.

“I love the materials they use,” she says. “I think they’re amazing. I don’t even know where he sources this stuff!”

And while the team of manufacturers they work with here in Los Angeles are big fans of the fabrics, OLIVERS wouldn’t be what it is without their expert craftsmanship and years of experience. And that is ultimately what helps OLIVERS stand out—the attention to detail, the care, the human element.

“These were things that mattered,” Wolfe says. "I wanted to be intimately involved in everything. Art and Marta are down the street, and we see them weekly, often daily. We’ve found you get a better product when those relationships are really strong. It’s a huge part of the process—and ultimately, we're in this to make best in class product.”

Photography by Matthew Miller.

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