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The Playbook

Sanctuary Fitness is just that, a sanctuary hidden among the industrial chaos that is the Arts District of Los Angeles.

Stepping in after a stressful day at work, you’re able to transition to a new mindset. The high ceilings, skylights, and rubberized floor seem to absorb noise as well as your anxiety. The classes at Sanctuary Fitness are a combination of high intensity interval training and indoor cycling designed to get you back in balance and feeling better about being you. To find out a bit more about creating peace through perspiration, we caught up with Sanctuary founder Zach Golden.

Q:How is Sanctuary’s approach to health and fitness different?

A:When I was brainstorming the vision of what Sanctuary was supposed to be, I realized that the one word we wanted to focus on was "Balance". A lot of fitness studios or programs tend to get repetitive which can lead to either boredom or worse, injuries through overuse. By offering both cardio and strength based classes, we allow our members to essentially cross train throughout the week. The other balance we wanted to strike was in our vibe and atmosphere. We wanted everyone to feel like they can walk in and belong regardless of their fitness background. We stress positive encouragement, smiles, high fives, and getting to know your fellow members as you sweat together.

Q:Why the Arts District of LA?

A:The Arts District is such a great neighborhood blending a gritty feel with industrial architecture and the energy of new development. I wanted our brand to reflect hard work in a higher end setting, but one you felt you could throw things around in without being worried you'd damage the walls or floors. So renovating an old building was the perfect way to go. Plus there's tons of parking and a brewery next door! Win, Win, Win!

Q:What do people get out of a workout at Sanctuary?

A:At Sanctuary, mentally you are going to get support, encouragement, and a fresh challenge in your workouts. Physically, our programming literally changes daily (thank you Kevin Forbes!!) so you will always be doing something different to keep your body guessing. We promise you will be sore and you will love it.

Q:Tell us about the space, equipment and amenities?

A:We have over 5,000 square feet of space with both an indoor cycling room and then our HIIT room. The cycling room has custom bikes, lighting, and sound and has a bit of a performance focus. The HIIT classes will use everything from tires to TRX to resistance bands to dumbbells on our turf and rubber floors. After that workout you can throw your complimentary towel in the bin, grab stuff out of your locker, shower up, refill that water bottle at the filtered water station, and even use the WiFi in our lounge area to shoot off a presentation for work if needed.

Q:What’s next for Sanctuary Fitness?

A:For now our focus is on building our community, possibly adding a hybrid half cycle and half HIIT class, and expanding class times. We are working on a challenge group as well who gather and train for a set amount of weeks leading up to a Spartan Race or Mud Run, so stay tuned for that!




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