Health Hacks Backed By Science For Active and Busy Men

Health Hacks Backed By Science For Active and Busy Men

You are an efficient, driven individual with goals and expectations. You are dedicated to living an active and healthy lifestyle but are equally dedicated to your career and other pursuits. Maybe you have a family to look after, or you are saving up for a major trip. 

Regardless of the specific circumstances, active and busy men are most successful with structure and discipline. A busy and active life can become a mangled mess of stressors and headaches without careful consideration and practice.

Let’s discuss a few easy hacks to work exercise into everyday life. 

The Breakdown

There are so many small ways to augment your routine with simple and healthy choices. But like anything in busy lives, the success of these methods ultimately boils down to seamless and focused integration.  

Leave the intense cardio exercises or strength training for a longer moment or break. Health hacks are all about the choices you make in between workout sessions. How you handle your commute to and from work, what foods you eat for a boost of energy between projects or after your workout; sometimes, a truly healthy style is about the little things. 

These easy tips can maximize time in a way that all active men depend on. 

On Exercise

Everyone has a favorite workout routine, and each of these activities is centered on the desired results. Weightlifting, cardio, flexibility all serve a unique and valuable purpose.  It’s well known that regular exercise is a must for any man seeking to be healthy and productive. 

Whether hit the treadmill at the gym or break a sweat on the weightlifting course at the beach, there is always time to fit a little more push into the quiet moments. There are a multitude of ways to hack your exercise routine to make sure that you are staying active and energized throughout your day. 

The “When” Matters 

Anyone who sets their sights high knows that drive and ambition can come with consequences. Sometimes that means we become a slave to our schedule, and it becomes difficult to move things around.

This is especially true for physical activity. It’s easy to let work dictate when you exercise, but there are significant benefits to choosing that time wisely.

Here are three popular ways to integrate movement into a hectic schedule:

Getting the day's exercise completed in the morning is proven to regulate appetite and give you much more energy for the day ahead. Conversely, exercising at night may disrupt even a finely tuned sleep schedule. A lack of sleep works against overall functionality and proves harmful in the long run.

Many people find success with a standing desk. Ideally, men should stand for at least four hours a day on the conservative side. A standing desk is a great way to sneak those hours in while working at the office.  

Something as simple as consistently taking the stairs can provide a light cardio workout in some cases. Cardio is essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure and lowering the resting heart rate. 

Mind Over Matter

The active man knows that a workout is only part of a healthy mind and body combination. Physical health is critical but isn’t complete without giving the mind its proper attention.

Proper mental health care for men is essential for regulating everyday anxieties and life changes. 

Meditate. Meditation is perhaps the best way to unify the bond between mind and body. It enables great ease in coping with stressful situations while providing the self-awareness and confidence needed to adapt to a rigorous workday.

There is no end to the benefits of meditation when it comes to self-exploration and mental grounding.

A brain break: Modern society can be a constant strobe effect of screens and data that will leave the brain exhausted from trying to keep up. Taking a few minutes to read or sit quietly in between sessions improves your critical thinking and relieves stress.

Food as Fitness Fuel

Even the most cursory look at healthy living advice will eventually mention maintaining a healthy diet. For those of us committed to our health, we are well familiar with the concept. Diet should be tailored to an individual's needs.

In general, these are some well-respected dietary guidelines and practices.

Intermittent fasting can be an excellent way to bolster a multitude of helpful attributes. It helps maintain body weight, improves focus during times of fasting, and gives you more energy. 

Fasting intermittently can sharpen the mind and body. It also allows you to plan higher-calorie meals in a way that can better fit your schedule, allowing you more options with both food and mealtime.

Eat more nuts. Nuts are full of healthy fats the body needs. The dietary community always seems to be changing its opinion of one food or another on any given day. However, doctors agree that including the occasional handful into your diet will provide you with a healthy boost of protein, fiber, and unsaturated fats.

Drink more water. The number of things that staying hydrated can improve  could be a whole separate article. Hydration encourages healthy skin and increased energy thresholds. Drinking enough water can prevent a number of health issues in men, such as certain cancers and kidney stones.

Integration Into Your Routine 

English poet John Donne famously wrote, “No man is an island entire of itself.” That 400-year-old poem is still relevant today. Changes and adaptations to routines are proven to be more successful when we rely on others and set small steps to become better men. 

On average, it takes 66 days to form a habit. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are great men. 

Starting small leads to big gains overtime. 

Get a Partner

Athletes know the power of teamwork doesn’t just apply to the field. It is a factor in every aspect of our lives.

Self-discipline doesn’t have to be a solo process. Having a friend or significant other willing to implement these “health hacks” alongside you is a fantastic way to ensure accountability.

Put it in Writing

Writing things down is proven to help jog memories. Studies suggest that an old-fashioned pen and paper is far more effective than typing in aiding memory. 

The most effective lists are kept somewhere highly visible. This serves as a reminder for scheduling and the commitment itself. Using technology can also prove helpful. Setting phone alarms or reminders can help a new schedule stay consistent. 

Helping Hacks

There’s a saying that the best way to eat an elephant is…one bite at a time. There are so many ways to practice health outside the gym. Improvements happen by getting one percent better a day. Dedication and discipline don’t happen overnight; lifelong practices turn into lifelong habits.


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