Fitness Gifts for Active Dads: What To Get for Father's Day

Fitness Gifts for Active Dads: What To Get for Father's Day

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, which means it’s time once again to hunt for pieces that display the depth of our gratitude. For many of us, our patriarchs are humble figures, more likely to do things themselves than ask for help, all while teaching us how to reach out when we need to.

It can sometimes be difficult for these pillars of strength to select the perfect gift. Thankfully, Olivers knows just what to get active dads.

For adventurers who always go the distance, choose something that matches their drive and ambition. We’ve included pieces to boost both physical and mental performance in this helpful guide. Father’s Day has historically gotten short shrift, with more collect calls than any other day of the day. Change that today.

New Apparel

Many fathers tend to wear the same clothes on repeat. These pieces last well but also see intense use as a result. Upgrade your dad's wardrobe with new, versatile pieces made from exceptional performance fabrics. The effectiveness of our gear will convince the gifter to wear them anywhere.

The City Oxford

The first item on our list is the City Oxford, a piece that takes the businesslike Oxford-style forward. The basket-weave style and chest pocket give the piece an immediately recognizable silhouette. The material powers a performance that translates from Sunday morning golf to the Monday morning boardroom.

Our Oxford Stretch Weave is built into the very foundation of the City Oxford. It provides it with all the essentials required of high-performance athletic apparel. This includes a subtle stretch as well as moisture-wicking properties. Dark grey, eucalyptus, light blue, and silver colorways all provide a sense of easy comfort with easy-wearing colors.

The Charter Chino

Next, we’d like to highlight the Charter Chino. Again we present a pant traditionally used in business casual apparel, improved for the active man. Classic colors black, dark olive, carbon, and khaki allow for easy integration into any wardrobe.

Again the material is what sets the Charter Chino apart. Charter Stretch Twill is constructed from a blend of cotton and polyurethane, which gives it particular strengths. The end result is supreme comfort, backed by a subtle stretch that helps the pants retain their shape.

Worn in combination, these items are perfect for the office or the trail. Ideally, it can be taken from one to the other with ease. People who bike to work will never have to worry about packing a change of clothes again. This year, give your dad the gift of versatile fashion that blends performance and aesthetics.

New Accessories

Maybe your dad is set on apparel. If so, booster him in other ways with some new accessories. The Olivers Water Bottle features a 22oz carrying capacity. This is made all the more impressive when you realize this accounts for one-fifth of your daily suggested water intake.


A water bottle can go a long way, at the gym or in daily life. Ours uses an understated exterior to bring humility to this outperforming bottle. The primary color of the bottle is black, with grey and metallic accents throughout. The Olivers name is represented horizontally in white, while our home Los Angeles is etched vertically.

Double-walled and vacuum-sealed technology helps regulate the temperature of your drinks longer. Equip your dad for workouts and long days alike with this piece. 

If headgear is more his speed, get him a beanie that he’ll be sure to love. Our Merino Beanie is built to last in all seasons, thanks to the cozy, lightweight wool.

The world of performance fabrics often uses synthetic fabrics for their unique properties. Organic merino wool has special details that only fabrics can only ever hope to imitate.

The wool that makes up this beanie has moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and odor-resistant properties. Even more significantly, the piece thermoregulates based on temperature, making it great for any season.

The beanie features an Olivers logo on the front. Black, grey marle, and natural colors allow neutral tones to carry it into any wardrobe.

New Equipment

Everyone has their favorite sports to watch or sports to play. Show your dad you are invested in his interests with new sporting gear. These can be as widely applicable as home weight equipment or gear for his own specific interests.

A new bike or a new pair of running shoes can be used as these things depreciate. It’s also an excellent suggestion for celebrating this holiday together. Trail-running or mountain biking can help you shut out daily concerns and spend quality time together.

Father’s Day is always on a Sunday. If your other family members aren’t as athletic, an early morning excursion can be just the first event of the day.

There are countless pieces of sporting gear, which makes this genre such a practical and thoughtful gift. Resistance bands, weights, climbing or hiking equipment, and others can always enhance the day.

New Practices

All of the gifts we suggested so far have immediate uses in your father’s physical life. However, a physical life well lived takes more than simple repetition and apparel.

It also takes the proper spirit and motivation to do things and to do them well. For those inclined to spirituality or intellectualism, books detailing certain practices to boost physical and mental performance can be helpful.

Meditation and mindfulness are both healthy practices that can be improved through study. These practices are thousands of years old but are more relevant than ever. In such a wide-spanning field, it is important to know which authors to examine.

Jon Kabat-Zin is one of the foremost experts on the medical benefits of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. He has studied with spiritual leaders and has become professor emeritus of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Kabat-Zin has spearheaded dedicated mindfulness groups such as the UMass Memorial Health Center for Mindfulness. His bibliography is full of useful knowledge to aid any budding mindfulness scholar.

These practices can have outsized health benefits. Meditation and mindfulness have helped people better regulate stress, pain, and other life-interrupting factors. They can also improve patience and general body awareness.

The best part of mindfulness is that it is a practice that offers physical benefits with only mental demands. It requires focus, discipline, and dedication and can be done by anyone, anywhere, regardless of fitness level. If your father leads a busy life, this practice can improve his output and be practiced in his own home.

Fitness is never based on one parameter. It relies on countless metrics, but we often prioritize the outward ones rather than the internal ones. Contribute to the development of a mind as well-honed as a body by investigating calming practices.

Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an emotional and sentimental time of the year. It’s a time to reflect on growing relationships and on growth in general.

He’s spent countless time instilling values and serving as an example, possibly selfishly, possibly selflessly.

Fitness is all about pushing ourselves to our limits. Incidentally, the same holds true of parenthood. Every parent, no matter how prepared, takes risks and charts the unknown for themselves when raising a child. Honor that adventurous spirit this Father’s Day with gifts from Olivers.


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