Try These CrossFit Workouts At Home and Forget the Gym

Try These CrossFit Workouts At Home and Forget the Gym

Weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, cardio, and flexibility are all important aspects of exercise. If you love CrossFit, you know it combines the best of them all, including cardio and HIIT. CrossFit athletes are no stranger to working out at a fast pace and high intensity. 

Some CrossFit fans love machines like a rower and rig. Popular CrossFit tools include the box jump, free weights and barbells. 

Today, fans of CrossFit don’t even need to go to their local gym. CrossFit is mobile; the living room, garage, or backyard are all suitable. 

Here’s what you’ll need for the best home CrossFit workouts: 

1. Bodyweight WOD

This bodyweight workout of the day is brutal, especially at the fourth or fifth round. Those that stick with it know that there is no better feeling than hammering out six rounds of this epic challenge.

Here’s what you need to do:

Do 10 pushups 

Do 15 V-ups

Do 20 jumping air squats

Do it all again five more times. 

    2. 15-Minute AMRAP

    An AMRAP exercise is a timed workout rep for sportsmen to do “as many reps as possible.” This exercise is best after a full warmup.

    Pace yourself for the next 15 minutes while doing these:

    10 burpees

    10 pullups

    20 lunges

    20 sit-ups

      3. 20-Minute EMOM

      EMOM famously stands for “every minute on the minute workout.” Each minute has its own workout. Those that finish each minute can rest until the next minute starts. 

      Minute 1: 15 pushups

      Minute 2: 10 pullups

      Minute 3: 15 sit-ups 

      Minute 4: 20 lunges

        After this workout, you’ve definitely earned a rest. 

        4. 10-to-1 WOD

        10-10-1 workouts are typically structured with two exercises listed from ten to one and the other from one to ten. 

        Burpees will go from ten to one

        Pull-Ups will go from one to ten

          Do ten burpees and one pull-up the first round, nine burpees, and two pull-ups the second round, and so on. A secure pull-up bar is critical. You’re done with the workout when you finish the last round. 

          5. 10 Rounds of 20 WOD

          Another CrossFit workout you can do from home is the ten rounds of twenty.

          10 rounds of this workout are all it takes to break a sweat:

          20 mountain climbers

          20 sit-ups

          20 air squats

          20 lunges

            6. Murph WOD

            Those in the CrossFit world have heard of the Murph. This exercise is done on Memorial Day and is anything but easy. 

            Warm-up with a:

            One-mile run.

              Then complete the following:

              100 pullups

              200 pushups

              300 air squats

                Then, the Murph ends with another one-mile run. 

                Even the CrossFit veterans like to break Murph down into smaller pieces doing segments of five, ten, or even 15. Getting the full number of pullups, pushups, and air squats in is essential for CrossFit pros. 

                Add a 20 pound weighted vest or medicine ball to your workout if you’re looking for a real challenge. 

                7. 16-Minute AMRAP

                You have 16 minutes to complete this AMRA. Experts know that  a deliberate pace and bracing the upper body is key. 

                Here’s what you’ll do:

                8 burpees

                8 pushups

                16 pullups

                16 hanging knee tucks or 16 sit-ups

                  8. 7-Minute AMRAP

                  Another AMRAP you can do from home while traveling or at your local gym lasts for seven minutes. Do as many rounds of these workouts as you can before the clock runs out. 

                  10 lunges

                  10 mountain climbers

                  10 pushups

                    9. 20-Minute AMRAP

                    This AMRAP is 20 minutes long and consists of air squats, pushups, and burpees with a twist.

                    Do 21 jumping air squats

                    15 push-ups

                    Then do 9 burpee pullups. Do your regular burpee, except when you jump, grab the pullup bar and do a pullup.

                      10. 8-Round Bodyweight WOD

                      This exercise has no time limit—just eight rounds of 10 reps.

                      Here’s what you’ll do:

                      10 pushups (For an extra challenge, make these handstand push-ups.)

                      10 air squats

                      10 burpees

                      10 air squats 

                        For the best workout, minimize rest between exercises. 

                        11. 10-Minute AMRAP

                        This 10-minute workout involves a jump rope and a dumbbell. If you don’t have a dumbbell, you can use a kettlebell or any heavy object as your weight as an alternative. Do as many rounds as you can.

                        40 jump ropes (Try double-unders for an added challenge)

                        15 sit-ups

                        12 dumbbell reverse lunges, goblet style

                          12. 4 Minute Tabatas WOD

                          Tabatas are performed in 30-second intervals. The first 20 seconds are high intensity. The next 10 seconds are your rest time. Repeat this for eight rounds each. This WOD only lasts for four minutes, so push hard and fast.

                          Do Tabata jump rope 

                          Rest for one minute

                          Do Tabata push-ups

                          Rest for one minute

                          Do Tabata burpees

                          Rest for one minute (you’ve earned it)

                            13. 5-Step Ladder WOD

                            This workout doesn’t actually involve a ladder, but it is structured in a five-step ladder pattern. Perform five reps of each workout, 10 reps the next round, 15 reps the next round, then 20 reps, only to work your way back down the ladder.

                            The basic structure looks like this: 5-10-15-20-15-10-5. 

                            Tricep dips on a chair, couch, or box if you have one

                            Mountain climbers

                            Jumping jacks

                            Skater shuffle

                              14. 12-Minute WOD AMRAP

                              8 air squats

                              8 jumping lunges

                              16 Russian twists

                                Do as many rounds as your lower body will allow in 12 minutes.

                                Tips To Make the Most of CrossFit

                                Doing CrossFit workouts at home is a great way to stay fit while traveling or if you’re unable to make it to the gym. CrossFit athletes love that these workouts are fast, don’t necenessarily require any gear or tools, and can be done even on the busiest schedule.

                                Other great CrossFit exercises that require no equipment include planks, a tuck jump, and the classic 400-meter run. 

                                Compete Against the You from Yesterday

                                CrossFit is designed so that you compete against yourself. You aim for a faster WOD, more reps in your AMRAP, or higher weights on your barbell. You aim to increase strength, stamina, and drive from your strength, stamina, and drive from yesterday.

                                Competing against yourself helps you stay focused on your goals and on your progress. 


                                Water is key to body temperature regulation via sweat while working out, lubricating joints and muscles, and continue important metabolic processes in the body. It’s important to hydrate for your CrossFit WODs in advance and afterward. A water bottle is a constant companion for those who make gains. 


                                CrossFit relies on high-intensity, quick-paced workouts that can take the energy from your body and turn it into muscle and fat burning. Fueling up on protein after your WOD replenishes your body and mind.

                                Things like lean beef, nuts, poultry, fish, dairy products, and beans and legumes are great sources of dietary protein.

                                Stronger Body, Stronger Mind

                                When you improve your body, you improve your mind too. Olivers is made for the man who wants to better all aspects of himself. The man who knows the value of putting in hard work and seeing results. 


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