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The Playbook

Maybe we should set alarms more often on vacation.

Cancun or Miami, sure, sleep in, but in Nicaragua the surf is better in the morning. In the early, quiet Parisian hours footsteps bounce off stone walls, and in a small town in Murazzano, Italy old men are the first to meet to hold old men meetings. Before the cafes start pulling espresso, the suns light lays horizontal on centuries old cobbled streets. This first light lends a golden hue to the ancient Italian city. And it illuminates the romanticism hidden in hand painted shutters.

Without the context of tourists and locals, bustling shops and cafe lines, he can travel in time or without time. In the small Italian city, Murazzano, history exists without plaque or protection. It’s on every hill and beyond every tunnel. The entire city is an artifact that you experience through quiet immersion. Running through the morning in the small town of Murazzano does more to transport than any trans-atlantic flight to Europe. All you have to do is set the alarm.

Words & photography by Dylan Nord.

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