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The Playbook

A few years ago, Alex Ho decided to quit his cushy corporate job and hit the ground running.

He’s now a full time boot camp instructor, personal trainer, and ultra marathoner with 3 100-mile races under his belt.

100-mile races might sound crazy to us mortals, but that’s part of the reason Alex loves them. “Ever since running my first ultra in 2011 I’ve been hooked… the mental and physical challenge, the adventure of being out on the trails all day (and sometimes night), and the sense of accomplishment in completing something that most people think is crazy.”

What does it take to run 100 miles? Well to start, somewhere between 19 and 24 hours. It also requires a level of sugar and salt that would intimidate a 12 year old on Halloween. Alex put down 37 energy gels on his last race, and that’s just the appetizer. He also stops for candy, potato chips, bacon, pickles, PB&J’s, oh yeah, and lots of water. “It’s amazing what you’ll crave while out there,” he explains.

Of course, the race and nutritional requirements don’t tell the whole story - the tough stuff is the training and preparation.

For Alex, his job as an outdoor boot camp instructor and personal trainer gives him the opportunity to move throughout the day. No matter his class schedule, he aims to run 5 times a week and mix in a few days of strength training. He let us borrow his training plan for the week, and here’s how it breaks down:


4 – 7 mile morning run, 6 mile evening run


4 - 7 mile morning run, 7 – 12 mile evening trail run


Bulgarian Bags class


5-8 mile run, Athletic Conditioning class


5-8 mile city run


14 - 30 mile run


Rest or easy run

Special thanks to Alex Ho and Revision Training.

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