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The Playbook

Einstein once said the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.

At Olivers, we spend most of our time looking ahead. We focus on small, incremental improvements—both in ourselves and in each of our products.


But at the end of each year, we like to look back. It gives us a chance to celebrate the accomplishments and to share them with you, the customers who support our mission, without whom none of this would be possible. We’re wishing you a happy and healthy 2020, but before we pop the champagne, let’s look back at 2019.

This Year's Highlights


We partnered with some of our favorite brands

And we gave away over $8,000 in prizes. Big thanks to our partners at Ministry of Supply, Wolf & Shepherd, Duke Cannon, AER, Clae, Linus, Indochino, and others for helping us make it happen. In fact, you’ve still got time to enter for a chance to win our Holiday Gift Pack Giveaway before 12/31.


We popped up in New York.

We teamed up with Neighborhood Goods to bring Olivers gear to a unique retail experience in New York’s landmark Chelsea Market. We’re in good company, along with our friends from The Arrivals, Hay, Asystem and Taschen books to name just a few. Take a closer look inside.


We launched a highly anticipated loyalty program

To reward our most dedicated customers. The program gives you the opportunity to earn money back every time you shop with us. In just the first 60 days, over 4,600 folks have joined the club. What are you waiting for? Sign up for The Olivers Club today and start earning your rewards.


We shipped to 28 countries this year.

Arigatou to our fans in Japan, Merci bien to our loyal customers in France, danke schön to all of you in Austria and Shalom to our friends in Israel!


We collaborated with Pioneer.

We launched a unique wallet that was laser-cut from our All Over Stretch Weave performance fabric. It’s heat-welded, extremely durable and can hold up to eight cards, plus cash. We think it’s pretty cool and you guys seem to agree: it sold out in under a week! It was so popular that we just dropped a re-issue in three colors.

Our 5 Top Selling New Releases

Dark Olive Charter Chino


Blue Note Convoy LS Tee


Khaki Ion Wallet


Ink Melange Pivot Tee


Carbon Melange Transit Crewneck


Founder’s Highlights

David Wolfe


What’s something that surprised you this year?

I was a little surprised at how dedicated our customers are. The loyalty program points to this, along with our bundles, which have been wildly popular. We went ahead and launched three new bundles and introduced a new system to make it easier for customers to pick up complementary pieces (and save some money too).

What’s a favorite moment from the past 365 days?

Celebrating our 6 year anniversary, for sure. A lot has happened since we released V1 of the All Over Short and some of our customers have been with us since that Kickstarter launch. The company has evolved since then, and it felt like the right time to refresh our logo and give Olivers a look more suited to the brand’s current style and where we’re headed.

So what’s next?

Looking ahead, I think we’ll continue to grow in new ways. We’re excited about exploring opportunities to bring the Olivers experience into real world shopping environments. And we have a handful of product launches planned for 2020 that I’m really excited about.

Olivers was mentioned in the press 59 times, including in the pages of Business Insider, Men’s Journal, NY Mag, Men’s Health, InsideHook, Valet and HiConsumption.

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